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eBizneeds is the trusted name for website design and mobile application development, providing solutions to customers worldwide. Based on many years of market experience, we have activated various fields such as E-Wallet, logistics, OTT, mobile design, and web application. Our team of expert designers and developers ensures that the best quality trends and tools are incorporated into our products to ensure quality is not compromised. As a process-oriented company, we strive to provide our customers with timely, flexible and results-oriented solutions. Work with startups and large organizations to streamline your workflow. Our team is lean and innovative, perfect for working with creative startups with a blue ocean strategy, aiming to create new products and services. Even If you are an established firm, our professional processes will ensure your project is carried out to the highest standards.

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Hourly Rate: <$25/hr

Employee: 100 to 249

Founded: 2003



Our Services:

    Application Development Software Development Web Design and Development Microsoft App Development Industries Web and App Development Digital Marketing Solutions Blockchain Development Saas Microsoft Technology Associate

Key Clients:

    Australian Cruise Group, Victorian Mortgage Group, Polofactory, Bargain Central Group, Billini, Yolearn

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