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Zatun "Where Fun Gets Down to Business" is an innovative, engaging, and award-winning game developer since 2007. Zatun develops its IP’s as well as does work-for-hire. Zatun offers premium quality game art and game development to publishers and game developers worldwide. Staffed by a multi-talented and diverse team, they are experienced in production across different genres and game platforms, including console, PC, mobile (iOS and Android), and PC VR . Zatun has collaborated on more than 200 leading game titles with over 300 clients, ranging from big AAA developers to small indie studios. Games made by Zatun have won numerous awards and rave reviews globally. They are enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. Starting with their first game “The Legend of Vraz” for PC in 2010 to their last game “Sniper Rust VR” for VR, they have developed 15+ games for various platforms. Projects by Zatun: https://zatun.com/about/our-projects/ Games by Zatun: https://zatun.com/games/ Awards Won by Zatun: -won the "Best use of AR/VR in a game" at GATO Awards at the GATO 2.0 Summit held by IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) in New Delhi in 2019. -India 5000 Best MSME Award in 2018. -Centauri Award for "Puppies Out" at Vega Digital Awards in 2016. -Best PC Game Award for "The Legend of Vraz" at FICCI Frames BAF Awards in 2010. -Star Youth Achiever Award by Star News and GYMF (Global Youth Marketing Forum) in 2012. -Nomination for "I Luv Chocolat" at NDTV Tech Awards in 2011.

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    Zatun has a talented and skilled team of 3d artists and modelers who creates mesmerizing 3d characters and 3d game models. Zatun artwork studio is a studio where creativity meets design meets engineering. Equipped with the latest technology both in terms of software and hardware and latest skills, Zatun artwork studio is where your games come to life. Using the latest engines like Unity 3d game engine, Unreal engine and latest art and graphic tools, they have been breaking the barriers in video game development and quality. Zatun 3d modeling services include 3d characters, 3d character modeling, 3d game models, unity 3d models, 3d game assets and game-ready 3d models. Zatun is one of the few 3d companies and 3d studios offering an option to hire 3d artists or hire 3d modeler on a daily/hourly or monthly basis. With 3d building models and 3d character models for next-gen video game platforms a top priority, Zatun artwork studio has taken steps to make sure its Zbrush models and 3d Maya models and 3d max models meet the next-gen demand. If you wish to know what software and tools any top artwork studio use anywhere in the world, they are listed below. There are tons of other software which a lot of artwork studios use but it would depend on the platform, the project, or the game they are working on. Zatun Where Fun Gets Down to Business is a cutting-edge, innovative, engaging, and award-winning mobile, VR, and cross-platform game developer and game art studio. It offers external art production across different genres and game platforms, including console, PC, mobile, tablets, VR, and game development on iOS, Android, and VR. Zatun creates premium-quality game art and develops game titles that deliver – deliver eyeballs, click-throughs, and the marketing results the clients pay for. We deliver benefits – the kind of benefits that game companies and game developers want in a partner. Along with external services, Zatun develops its own IP for PC, mobile, and VR. Its stylized, innovative, and award-winning IP games are enjoyed by millions of players worldwide.

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